We digitize financial service providers and companies


We realize communities for companies

We create decentralized financing systems to be independent of banks

Manavi Digital offers a comprehensive system for digital financing processes.

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With its product range, Manavi Digital offers a holistic system for digital sales. Our philosophy is: "Make your customer an expert and create trust."


SBI Assets is your NFT marketplace for real-world assets


Take action with confidence and self-determination

Almost two years ago, we embarked on a journey to completely digitize our company in order to operate independently and autonomously. The goal was to work digitally from anywhere in the world, regardless of location.

With SBI Assets, our NFT marketplace for tangible assets, and the Social Business Investors Club we have created scalable digital platforms to build and manage virtual communities.

The degree of digitization of companies determines their future competitiveness. With its technical platforms, Manavi Digital offers companies the opportunity to digitalize their processes in the areas of financing, marketing, sales, support and work organization.



Trust and proximity

Community is the most valuable asset that cannot be replaced by any AI. AI is not able to feel human emotions or build a real human relationship. With digitalization, companies are freeing up time so that employees can invest more time in customers.

A customer buys your products, recommends you to others or invests in your company because they trust people. With our community platforms, companies create a foundation for building relationships.


Bank-independent financing

Make your company less dependent on bank loans

Conventional bank loans will be an exception for SMEs in the future. In-house digital financing solutions for companies are the future. Manavi Digital offers a white label solution.

How to secure financing with brains:

A small car repair shop in northern Germany needed 1.5 million euros to finance a building. The bank did not approve the loan. However, the customers of this garage pooled their funds and financed 100% of their capital so that it could manage its growth. Any company can do this and we can help!

If you as a company would also like to go down this path, we offer you a plug-and-play solution with a social media package based on the Social Business Investors Club. This solution makes your company less dependent on bank loans.



Protection against expropriation and loss of wealth

With SBI Assets, our NFT marketplace for tangible assets, you invest in assets that create people-oriented jobs and protect your assets from expropriation and loss.

The combination of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and real tangible assets gives you maximum flexibility and security. You keep control of your assets in your own hands.